A Rant On Patriarchy

I really hate (hate is a strong word… Let’s say, I utterly despise when women, especially feminist, fail to recognize how patriarchy devalues men also. Patriarchy teaches men that out of the range of emotions a human has, we can only express one or two, that out of the plethora of emotions that I am able to have, I should only express anger, or frustration or any other emotion that does not make me seem weak or human. While I think it is important to recognize that women are gravely hurting in this patriarchal society, I also believe it is just as important to recognize that men are silently hurting. For example, when a woman declares she’s been raped, even without evidence, she is ultimately believed, consoled, nurtured. But, if man declares he has been raped, he will most likely be laughed at or be ridiculed and people will find it hard to believe. While I do not wish rape on anyone, this is an example of how society is so quick to help the woman heal, but we are just as quick to laugh at the man’s pain. Many men who are rape victims are still hurting & bleeding internally, because society tell us that we are not allowed to feel pain, we are not allowed to be vulnerable, we are to be strong, stoic, & invincible at all times. Hell, if you truly advocate for rape, you would know most of the rapes in this country happen in male prisons. The idea of patriarchy is perpetuated equally by both men and women. Some women can not even handle a man crying because they have bought into the idea that men are supposed to be strong at all times. We all know this is impossible. We all have our times of vulnerability, times where we need rest from our turbulent battles with the harsh realities of life. I would urge men & women to join together against patriarchy because patriarchy is the enemy of humanity.

~ Kn1ght-Alias


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