Human Value

I am not quite sure how to begin my thoughts on this subject. In the 21st century, the curriculum we have chosen to judge our fellow human beings scare me deeply. It seems to me that humans are now valued by not only how much values you have, but also by how valuable your values are. Now, my definition of values in this context does not have to do with principles, ethics, or morals – it simply has to do with material gain. We are only valued by our values – meaning, in society, I am only valued by what type of car I drive, or what type of watch I wear, or what luxurious materials I have gained.
Unfortunately, humans will buy these ultimately meaningless materials, internally screaming for the love and attention of other humans. We are not valued and loved for simply being human.


“The things you own, end up owning you” – Tyler Durden


This leads me onward to the topic of success and failure. The overall general idea of success is money. Since we have learned to judge people by the materials they have accumulated, this idea of success seems like the ultimate goal for any human. We are certain that if we reach this level of success, society will value us and finally recognize our full humanity. On the other hand, failure is a frightening ordeal. If we are to fail, meaning no material gains, no rags to riches, no money in your account – society will judge you accordingly. You become devalued, less than, almost dehumanized. This is quite a dangerous way of thinking. Whether humans are succeeding or failing, we are to be valued simply because we are human. I imagine one of the most difficult things to be, is human. When life throws its curveballs, and unpredictable circumstances, it is the human body and the human psyche that stand against these ordeals – I believe humans deserve praise simply for this act. I consider everyone that is still living and breathing to be strong – because to live in this world, whether you are failing or succeeding, takes strength.

~ Kn1ght-Wing


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