Real Friends

Unreliable, unreliable, unreliable… except when they’re reliable. As a person who never had much friends growing up, I almost meticulously select who I want to be friends with. Which means I put much thought into it before I pick, select, throw my pokeball and choose you. I’ve always had this model or idea of what a good friend is and  attempt to achieve that standard. Meaning if you’re my friend, half of what I own is yours, you need something and it’s within my power? It’s yours, my undying loyalty is yours. At first, I put my friends under this same standard, expecting the same thing from them that I expect from myself as a “good friend”. Sometimes I think some people are not my friend, I’m just their friend(there’s a difference) . And I’m starting to think maybe that’s ok. I think it is highly disingenuous to be friends with someone because you want things from them. I came to the conclusion that I want to be friends with people so I can impact their lives the best ways I can (they can impact my life too but I wanna be the impactful one gotdamn it). This standard of friendship I placed my friends quickly came tumbling down. I remember one day, I was so bored I called at least 25 people on my phone (some of them weren’t even my fuckin friends) and I still spent that evening alone. Your friends will fail you (unreliable fucks) but at the end of day, are you a good friend? Are you reliable? Are you dependable? If you are, then you’ve done your job as a good friend. I guess the culminating message of this little piece is to stop expecting things from your friends, and just be a good friend. If you are friends with someone and expect things in return, then you must have ulterior motives.
What do you guys think?

I just wanna shoutout all the good friends out there, you are highly appreciated; especially my friends (of course I’m not talking about you guys, y’all are perfect human beings, don’t take this piece personally lol) I love you guys.

~ Kn1ght-Wonder


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