Dreams & Nightmares

I haven’t really received inspiration to write anything lately. I usually hate forcing myself to write. I prefer my ideas to hit me naturally so it may flow out with ease when I write; but I strongly desire to sharpen my writing skills and explore the ideas/visuals in my mind.

Unfortunately, this week, I’ve been experiencing a series of nightmares. I barely dream, so these striking and vivid nightmares sometimes seem too real; I’ve decided to share one.

It started with a friend and I walking down a street in Baltimore city at night. It was a dark night, only the street lights were on. He said to me “this isn’t even a bad neighborhood, you would never know this was in Baltimore”. We were walking down what was supposedly my neighborhood, it didn’t look like my actual neighborhood, but in the dream, it was. He passed me the bottle of Jack Daniel’s we were sipping on. I took a shot then replied “yeah mane, people always think Baltimore is a shit-hole, but I’m like, not every part. You just gotta know where you’re at”.
I passed the bottle back to him, I’m not really clear on what he said next, it was something along the lines of “fuck around and get robbed ’round here”. I just replied “you gotta chill” (I don’t even like that type of energy; in a dream or in real life, keep that negative shit away from me). I’m not sure how long we were walking and taking shots but in what seems like a few moments later, we looked back and saw 2 guys dressed in all black with ski-masks on – walking directly behind us( see, this is exactly why I keep that negative shit away from me). My friend and I looked at each other, our eyes met, and we ran. The guys in all black started shooting at us, we split up and kept running. I don’t think I can ran faster than a bullet but I guess when you’re in a situation like this, you do anything to survive even if it’s a 0.00001% chance of survival.. It’s a fucking a dream anyways. Somehow I got to my house but I had no clue where my boy was. I face-timed him; He picked up. He was hiding – crouched in a spot where he hoped the 2 bastards wouldn’t find him. I said “yo I’m bouta send you my address, just run and don’t stop”, he replied “guess what thooo?”
“I still got that bottle thooo” He said, with a big ass grin on his face as he flashes the Jack Daniel’s logo on the screen.
I just laughed.
All of sudden, he looked up to his left and I witnessed terror on his face. I could tell he was looking up at something – I could tell someone else was there. All I saw was a big black gun pointed to his head and I heard the shot… “pow!”… Silence.

Blood splattered and darkened the screen.

I woke up.

Thanks for reading lol

~ Written by Kn1ght-Wonder, Produced by Kn1ght-Alias


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