From Da Bottom of Da Bottom

“From the bottom of the bottom, it was nothing under me” – Lil Herb

I have been accused by different people multiple times for being “too deep”. I have a bad habit of taking the most simple situation, concept, or circumstance and twisting it into a deeply profound or complex cluster-fuck. I can not deny that every day I wake up, I am amazed at my existence. While I do practice living in the moment, every day I open eyes, I think back to the issues and problems in my life I overcame. I could have died from homicide, car accident, poverty, or even suicide, but today I stand, stronger than I have ever been. Every day, I truly live in a mindset of gratitude for simply existing. I was able to wrestle with my inner demons, and I won. Some people are still alive but they are not living. These people I refer to as “The Walking Dead”. They are indeed alive, but are trapped in a deep state of depression or circumstance which has forced and pressured them to lose hope on life; And without hope, without a purpose, you are dead.

I was once dead.

From the bottom of the bottom, from my insecurities, depression, pessimism, and hopelessness, I crawled out.

Anyone that has felt the bottom of the bottom in their heart, and has been able to survive, knows that there is rarely anything or anyone that can take you back to the bottom.

When you survive bottom, it is irrelevant of what level or status you end up in, you are just glad you are not at the bottom any longer.

So every chance I get, I don’t hesitate to express to my loved ones the gratitude I feel of existing with them. Love is the most important ingredient, and the only perfect time is right now.



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