I recently created a social media about 3-4 months ago, twitter- to be specific. Anyone that knows me also knows I have a love-hate relationship with social medias. While social media can be a great source of entertainment and information(or misinformation), I believe it can also be detrimental to personal growth. In my years, I have had two twitter accounts and three instagram accounts( I was trying hard to be a normal millennial), but all those accounts were eventually deleted. I decided to share my 3 main issue with social media.

  1. Too much info
  2. Friends
  3. “Whats on your mind?”

1. TMI

When I was on social media, I knew everything about everything; what Kanye wore today, what Lady Gaga is doing at this particular moment, which a, b, c to z list celebrity did what. Simply put, I knew a whole lot about nothing. Social media can become a gossip site where you receive tiny bits of information on someone’s life, assume you now know them, and therefore commence judgement upon them. All this can be a great distraction from what you really need to focus on- yourself. Having these bits of unnecessary info swimming in my subconscious caused great irritation. I don’t care to know that celebs are doing with their life, but being on social media, it’s almost impossible for gossip to pervade your timeline. Before you know it, you become a gossiper yourself. Even if I did come across substantial news; for ex. politics or the ludicrous administration we’ve currently ushered in, by next morning, there’s already some mind-boggling news or info ready to consume my mind- yesterday’s or last week’s big headline is simply and easily forgotten. Information is so fast on social medias, our mind tries to keep up, and we inevitably lack peace of mind.

2. Friends

Watching a friend vent on social media  is honestly the most pathetic cringe worthy shit ever. You want to call immediately and advise them to drop their phone in the toilet(and flush ). Please… Please… Please.. if you plan on joining the twitter or instagram community, have some (fucking) self-discipline.Stop subtweeting your significant other, call them and have a real conversation(millennials have the worst communication skills). Also, perhaps this is just me, but I notice some friends create a social media account and also create a persona for that particular account- this persona might be fabricated and possibly be the complete opposite of who you know your friend is- or (I want to believe) this persona might be just a small particle of their actual personality.

Honestly, the worst is when your friends ask “why don’t you follow me?”

3. “What’s on your mind?”

Perhaps its just my personal paranoia against humankind, but I don’t understand why you need to know what I am thinking or doing on a daily basis. I sincerely do not wish to know what you are doing or thinking every day. I don’t want to know what you ate for breakfast without asking you or where you went for vacation without you telling me(orally!). Knowing random information about other people, to me, is creepy.

(Bonus): I always see on social media “somebody text me” “somebody hit my phone” “whats the move?”- this therefore leads me to imagine social media is filled with lonely individuals who can simply pull out their phone, scroll, and instantaneously connect with thousands of people across the globe – as opposed to going out, interacting, working on communication skills, and connect with other humans in real life.


“A new way of being alone. Hey, what’s the matter? just tell it to your phone” – Lupe Fiasco


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